The small changes that we notice.

Derek made an interesting observation today.
As I was getting up to start our day, I said to him that it was time to get up, as we needed to start working.  It was 9 am on a Sunday morning and we had things to do (explained in another post later)

Me:  “Come on, it used to be you dragging me out of bed, now it’s me dragging you out”

Derek: “Actually, that’s true. And we would have been up an hour ago to start working”

He commented that it’s not something we thought about but things have turned 180 degrees.  Now he prefers to stay in bed longer, and isn’t as quick to get up in the morning because he knows there is work to do, and he knows that it is going to make him tired.

It’s the little things that you don’t think about when you have abrupt changes foisted on you.

4 thoughts on “The small changes that we notice.

  1. Thanks MO, I have also been reading your Blog. He was diagnosed in October last year during a Crisis.
    Derek has Primary Adrenal Insufficiency due to Adrenal Infarction as the result of Catastrophic Antiphospholipid post surgery. (Check out “Our Journey”)
    What I find is that most people who don’t have, or don’t know personally, someone who has Addison’s don’t understand how they can see someone who looks “so well” but is not. He has even had to educate his HR Manager at work, and try to explain why some days are tougher than others.

    • Hopefully that HR Manager has done research and has a better handle on the situation so that he/she can be more understanding of the situation. If I was that HR manager I would be picking Dereks brain for the present and future – bless Andrea & the dogs!

      • You know me Andrea, we have made sure she has all the information she needs, and referred to to other places. We also gave her the run down of what actually happened when he was in hospital. She finally understands just how sick Derek got.

  2. Hi, Glad to find your blog! (I have secondary adrenal insuffiencey due to hypopituitary. My pituitery doesn’t make ACTH) When was Derek diagnosed? I was diagnosed in 2001, and have found that from time to time my needs for medication have changed. I have taken as much as 30mg of hydrocortisone daily, but now I am down to 20 mg a day. Hopefully sharing stories can help us deal with the disease.

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