Addison’s and the Common Cold

Derek woke up yesterday morning with a cold.  He has a cough which he thinks is heading towards his chest.  He is feeling “heady” with a blocked nose.  He is not taking any extra Hydrocortisone at this point as, according to the “owners manual” he does not need to.

He went to work yesterday, but I had to pick him up because he wasnt feeling great.

Today he is staying home where it’s warmer and he can rest if he needs to.  He still hasn’t taken extra Hydrocortisone as he says he just feels like he has a cold.

His BP, Heart Rate and Temp all seem normal so we are just keeping a close eye on what happens.

This is his first cold since getting Addison’s so we will see…..

6 thoughts on “Addison’s and the Common Cold

  1. My home health nurse I see once a week said no Gatorade, to many chemicals in it. So I’m using Pedialyte for newborns and kids. It’s a much cleaner way to keep your electrolytes in balance. They also can be bought in a ‘to go’ box, ten individual wrapped doses. Just add 16 ounces of water when your ready to drink.

  2. Thanks for your post. I was diagnosed this year and now have a whopper of a head cold that won’t let go. I think I’ll try an extra dose of 5mg of Hydro and see if that helps.

  3. Thank you Mo and Lynn, he has now agreed to take an extra 10mg HC to see how he goes. He will have to wait for the Gaterade until I get home from work.

  4. I agree about stress dosing early. Especially since he has other medical conditions. I would start Gatorade to keep the electrolytes balanced everyday.

  5. Sorry Derek is feeling ill. I take extra HC when my body tells me to, no matter what they say. Yesterday I stress dosed 1/4 of a pill because I felt really weak and wobbly and it helped me get through the day. Derek will know if he needs it I think.

    • I am waiting for him to say he needs it, and I am keeping a close eye on things. I am expecting he will have to at some point but he is stubborn and determined to try. At least he is able to work from home so he can rest if needed.

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