When Boring is Good

Boringmonotonous, tedious, irksome, tiresome, humdrum. These adjectives refer to what is so uninteresting as to cause mental weariness.

Just imagine waking up to the alarm, getting up and doing a couple of chores, having a shower, getting dressed, having breakfast, getting in a car, and going to work.  You work all day, then come home.  You help cook dinner, maybe even do a few light weights, then sit down for a while working on the computer.  9.30 you finally go to bed for a good nights sleep and repeat the day.

Most of us take for granted that this will be our day.  We think it would be nice to have something “exciting” happen.  For us, this IS exciting, because it is so “normal”.

It is now almost 3 weeks since Derek got supplied a Taxi to and from work.  Taking just that bit of stress out of his day has made all the difference to his health.

Last Saturday night we went to watch Phantom of the Opera. He woke up the next morning feeling tired, but so did I.  We didn’t get to bed till late so of course we were tired.  No extra HC needed, no feeling that he was going to crash at any time because he was under medicated.

As long as the Taxi Service is continued through Winter there is some hope that Derek will be able to get some of his fitness back, and therefore be able to improve his all round health.

Our next challenge is to try and again reduce his daily medication from 10/10/5 to 10/7.5/5.  I don’t believe he will ever go down to 5 at lunch time, but 7.5 may be a possibility.

It’s been “boring”.  But “boring” is good.  He has even driven short distances twice.  Only time will tell, but we have time.

1 thought on “When Boring is Good

  1. Yes, boring is good. The taxi service sounds like such a good idea, and I’m glad it is working out. It is hot hot hot here and I am staying in the house with the air conditioning going constantly. Stay well.

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