Well theory has been tested

My last post was about what would happen if Derek got into a situation where his Adrenaline should kick in and it wouldn’t.  Little did I know that my Daughter would put it to the test so quickly.

She is 18 and was out at the movies with her boyfriend.  We were expecting them home, and the phone went.

It was her asking me to go pick her up cause her boyfriend had “crashed the car”.  Well that could mean anything.  I checked they were both ok, where they were, and headed off.

My adrenaline had already kicked in.  I knew, I could feel it.  All the typical signs. Thoughts heightened, couldn’t find the keys to the car, working too fast at trying to get to her.  Heart racing.  Thoughts racing.

I barely stopped to check on Derek.

I drove around the corner just  1km from my home to find the boyfriends car wrapped around a tree.

Again I got an adrenaline rush.  I made sure my daughter was ok.  Thankfully no injuries.  I then made sure the boyfriend was ok.  Amazingly he was (his side of the car took the full impact).

Then I stopped.  S**t.  How was Derek.  I needed to phone him to let him know his baby girl was OK and to see how he was.

It was only 5.45 at night.  We had been sitting watching a comedy on TV.  He had been feeling really good.

By the time I phoned him, he had taken himself to bed, he was feeling very tired all of a sudden.  Very “flat”, kept yawning and just needing to lay down.

The surprising thing was his blood pressure seemed to be ok.  It jumped a little high to start with, but once he lay down, it leveled out, and wasn’t bad at all.

When I finally got home you could see a serious difference in the man I had left and the man I had come back to.  He was visibly tired, drained, as if he had been ten rounds with a boxer.

He didn’t take any extra HC as he wanted to see how far he could push it.  Because he hadn’t seen the car when I did, he didn’t get that second stresser.  He didn’t see any pictures of the car until he had seen his daughter.

He went to sleep very early last night and slept all night, not waking once.  He didn’t think he needed extra HC again today but that was this morning.  We will see how things go over the next few days, but he may have made it through the first real stresser OK.

I however, was the opposite.  I was awake till all hours because my body was on high alert, and I couldn’t get to sleep.

I do not want to try that experiment again in a hurry.


4 thoughts on “Well theory has been tested

  1. Addison’s really put so much stress on the “well” parent to handle all these things. I feel guilty about that. But getting sick only makes things worse.

    • It can, and I know Derek feels guilty when he can’t do things he would once have done. This is the hand we have been dealt, and we are now getting on and playing the best game we can with the hand at play.
      There are many out there worse off than us.

  2. Emotional stress like this gets me in trouble every time. Glad your daughter is OK and hope that Derek feels better tomorrow.

    • Thanks Mo. He is working through the stress, problem is, we are also trying again to reduce his HC to what his Endo wants him on. I suspect by the end of this week (which is the 2nd week of lower dose) we will be moving from 7.5 to 10 at lunch time again.

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