When the Earth Moves for You

We live in New Zealand.  It is on a number of Earthquake Fault Lines.

In the last 56 hours there have been over 200 earthquakes.  1 of which was a 6.5.  It was enough to cause damage and close the CBD of our Capital City for the day.  We have lived with earthquakes for years, but this was the worst one Derek has ever been in.

It started with a 5.7 on Friday morning which put a little strain on Derek.

For other reasons (reaction to new medication) we had to visit A&E on Friday evening and they gave him a emergency dose of 100mg of HC.

Thankfully they did, as we continued to have earthquakes all weekend, culminating in the major 6.5 on Sunday evening.  It had all of us worried that it wasn’t the worst to come.  We have been promised for years that there was a major event due.

During all of this Derek did not stress dose.  He still had the extra in his system from the emergency dose on Friday night.

He wouldn’t have made it through the weekend without the extra cover.  Now we need to see if he has had enough cover, or if he is going to need to top up.  He has run out of the extra in his system so if we have any more good earthquakes, he may need to stress dose again.

He has come home from work tonight suffering with a little indigestion after taking his 4pm dose so the stress of the earth moving so regularly may be a little much for him.

Figures crossed the earth has settled down for now.

Any addisonian’s living in Christchurch (NZ) in 2011 must have suffered terribly.


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