Emergency Kit Contents

I have been asked by several people, what is in Derek’s emergency kit.

He has several, but the main one is his Take Everywhere Kit.  He doesn’t leave home without it (even to the supermarket 5 mins away) at the moment because of earthquakes (we have had a large number recently).

I got a metal makeup box (Thin Lizy for those that know the brand) and made a kit up, sealing the top so it doesn’t come off.  I then bought him a “man bag” for Christmas so he could carry it.
His contains:
100mg Solu-Cortef
gloves (for medics who use the kit)
20mg Hydro (small container of)
5mg Hydro (he uses this kit at work, or if we are out)
2.5 Hydro
his Warfarin (if we are out for dinner he doesn’t have to remember to take it)

Vitamin K (in case of excess bleeding because of Warfarin)
Anti Nausia tablets
Hand Cleanser
Sterile Pad in case of injury.

Only thing he doesn’t carry daily is his Florinef, but that will go with us in a small chiller.
He then has a similar kit at work in his Emergency Incident kit under his desk, and we have a spare at home in our Emergency “Get out of Dodge quick” Survival Pack (we live in an area prone to earthquakes).

Emergency Kit

The Take Every Where Kit

Emergency Kit

Contents of his Kit

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