A Cut Finger! Seriously?

It is only a cut finger!  OK, it has impacted on my life.  I am a touch typist.  I am an Office Manager, but I also do a lot of typing so yes, for me it is a problem as it heals.  But seriously?

Let’s go back a few days.

We were out on Sunday morning.  I was working, helping prepare a meal for about 70 people.  Derek had carried some wine (in several loads) from my office to the function. A 50mtr walk.

He then loaded the white wine into a container with ice, to chill it.  It wasn’t a major job, but for him, it was a little tiring.

After he finished that task, it was time for a rest.  He wanted to continue functioning for the day, so we both agreed (read me telling him to sit down) that a rest was a good idea.  Thankfully, he sometimes does what he is told.

I was standing with my back to him slicing cucumbers, nothing big, or major.

All I did was cut my finger.  No great gushes of blood, no screams, nobody running round like chooks without their heads.  I simply swear, said “Shit, I’ve cut my finger”.  I then went into the kitchen to find something to stop the bleeding.  I was told later that there was not a single drop of blood anywhere, not even where I originaly cut my finger.

While Derek was sitting there he took his blood pressure.  It had been under control for a week now as he was again taking 0.1mg fludrocortisone.  I looked over to where he was sitting and thought, SERIOUSLY?

I could see it.  I could tell, even after just a minute.  He was dropping.  He had stopped talking.   His BP had been 126/66 after sitting for 5 minutes, and just after I cut my finger.  It was a little lower than we would have expected having just done something physical.  But That’s ok.

As I was being given something to cover my finger, I sat down next tom him.  I looked at him again, over a 5 minutes period he had become pale, looked extremely tired, flat, his speech had become slower, quieter, I took his BP again.  In that short time it had dropped to  107/66.

This time we decided to be proactive.  He took 20mg of HC.  Then, while trying to stop my finger bleeding I sorted somewhere for him to lay down.  This was obviously going to be another “episode”.

The good news is that the HC stabalised his BP.  It came back up within half an hour, to an acceptable 126/76.  Good.  However, nothing else changed.  He still couldn’t talk to me, he couldn’t keep his eyes open, he couldn’t sit up. He could do nothing.  He was virtually out on the couch.

For 2 hours he was like this.  I had to carry on with everything I was doing, once my finger had had treatment.  But not him, all he could do was lay, with no light coming in, no conversation.  He could not keep his eyes open.

He felt ill for the rest of the day.

One thing we noticed the next day was that because he had had the 20mg HC, he didn’t wake up  with the bad wind he normally has after an incident like this, so we know one thing we need to do.

We still don’t know what causes all the other symptoms though.

The question we have now is, what happens if I do something more serious.  Our children are growing up, they will be leaving home in the next couple of years (we live in hope).

What will happen then?  If I cut something more serious how is he going to manage.  We will end up both out cold.

He stays functioning long enough to hopefully phone an ambulance, but that’s it.  He starts to get “brain fog” and not think clearly after a couple of minutes over a stupid cut finger!

We made a Dr’s appointment to have a chat to him, to try and get something sorted.  Last visit the Dr asked that he be referred to a Cardiologist for the highs and lows in his BP, but that’s all we knew about.

We have since had a letter saying we have an appointment at Hosptal with a General Medical Specialist.  Our Dr tried to get us back to our Endo, but the Endo simply said “his meds are stable, I can’t do anything else, I don’t want to see him, get someone else”.  Personally, with that attitude, we don’t want to see him either.

The appointment is with of all things, a Rheumatologist.  I suspect he put his hand up and said, “I will take him.” Because he knows the case thoroughly.

The other good news is our GP has agreed, again, that there is something more going on, and that he needs to have a Head CT to see if there was any neurological damage done last year.  I have been saying for a year that I suspected there was, now he is agreeing.  BUT, he is leaving it up to us to convince the Specialist that he needs it.

This week has been really interesting.  I have had the best night’s sleep I have had in a while, knowing that we are finally getting another chance to have tests done.


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