Building a Future

Those that are Friends on Facebook know that over the last month I have been working very hard getting our back yard sorted. Normally each year in Sep/Oct Derek would dig the gardens over, plant vegies, we would get the shrub gardens sorted and weeded.
We are aware that Derek is doing well now, but this may not last, so we are trying to get everything sorted so we can rest during the rest of summer, and know that we have a house we can relax in. We must turn the property into an easy care section so I can manage the work we both used to do.
Last year the gardening didn’t happen because Derek was too sick and I was too busy looking after him.
I attempted to dig the garden over before winter and ended up off work for 3 weeks because I put my back out. Derek tried, but after an hour, he had to sit down for the rest of the day, and take extra medication.
After we were told that Derek probably had a brain injury we realised that I really was going to have to take on more of the work. At the same time as that announcement, we were also told that Derek needed to up his Fludrocortisone from 0.05 to 0.1mg /day. He did. As a consequence his blood pressure has stabalised and he has been feeling a little better. Unfortunately, that didn’t take away any of the other problems.
So, if we needed vegetables to have this year, it was going to be up to me. But I couldn’t did the garden as it was.
Instead, as Derek was feeling good, I let him get his power tools, his measuring tape, and his spirit level out, and supervise MY building a garden. I have arthritis in my hands so holding a hammer has been hard, and painful, but I have the energy to do it.
It meant I had to lug the timber from the front of the house (where it was delivered) to the back. I had to lift, move, hammer, and completely construct, a raised gareden bed with easy drain, easy care garden mix.
It holds 3.75 cubic metres of soil, which I had to take by wheelbarrow from front to back.
Well I did it! I have a garden, with growing vegetables, and it looks great.
We then had to put a garden shed up. It is something we had wanted to do for years, but had never quite got around to doing. It too is up. Thanks in the bulk to my eldest son.
It even has a nice wood floor, which again, Derek cut, and I put down. Thank goodness I bought him a drop saw a few years ago. It has made it possible for Derek to do some of the work.
Also thank goodness in New Zealand you are given as much medication as you need, and some to spare. He has been living on higher than normal doses of Hydrocortisone, and still he is feeling it. The work routine has been 1 hours work, 2 hours break, 1 hours work, 2 hours watching me put the cut wood together.
Its amazing what you can do if you really want to.
The Garden.

The Garden Shed.

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