The Good Samaritan

On the Saturday of Easter Derek and I wanted to go out to the shops to pick up a couple of things.

As we were going to the mall we went around a roundabout, and a car decided to enter on the left hand side, without giving way (we drive on the left so I had right of way).

I stopped, then swerved twice to try and avoid him as he was determined to go through.  Thankfully there was no collision.

However, it did cause Derek to have his normal “episode” due to the inability to process the event.

We arrived at the mall and I decided, because he was clearly getting his normal headache, fatigue etc, that I would park in a mobility car park (we got our card last week).

The problem was, it was at the other end of the mall to what we required.

We went to one of the shops we needed and he was having difficulty standing up, so I sent him too sit on the floor.  We then had to get to the supermarket for a couple of things, so I could go home.  The supermarket is in the mall.

We went to the supermarket but again Derek desperately needed to sit down (actually needed to lay down but that wasn’t an option).

There was one seat outside the doors, which was being occupied by a mother and her 2 children eating ice cream.

I went up and politely asked if one of the spaces could be vacated because my husband was unwell.  The lady took one look at him, got up, and offered her seat.

I thanked her, raced into the supermarket, grabbed the essentials we needed, and raced back out.  I put the shopping at his feat, told Derek to wait there (his comment was, where would he be going, he could hardly walk), and I would go get the car, and bring it to that end of the mall.

It took me a while as the mall was extremely busy (another problem because of the sensory overload).

I got back to Derek to find not the woman and her 2 children, but Dad and 1 of the children.  As I arrived, Dad said to daughter, “come on, lets go”.  He tried to act as if he was waiting for his daughter to eat her ice cream, but it was quite clear that he was under instruction from his wife, to remain with Derek, until I got back with the car.

I have no idea who these people are, I will probably never see them again, but they could see Derek was unwell, and without saying anything, helped out in the best way the could, by standing by to make sure nothing happened.

How awesome is that!



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