2014 Road Trip Part 1

We are going on another Road Trip.  We have a wedding to attend in Hamilton then we go to Auckland to watch Michael Buble.
We are leaving in the morning. Derek was at work today and had a fire alarm evacuation.  Its the second time in a month he has had one at work. When they have a planned drill he is warned so he can make sure he has his emergency kit with him. But last time he was in a meeting in a different part of the office. He had to walk down 8 flights of stairs with everyone else. He realised when he got to the bottom that he didnt have his kit.
He was suffering,  he had to wait outside while the fire dept cleared the building. He then had to wait untill they reactivated the lift before he could go back to his desk. He was not well when he got home that day.
This time he was at his desk when the alarm went off. 2 things he knew.  1 – it was a slow walk down stairs because every other floor had to evacuate as well. 2- he had time to grab his bag, as long as the fire warden would leave him for a minute.
It was actually almost  time to go home anyway, so he got everything packed up and walked the stairs with all others.
When he got home he needed to rest,  but he couldn’t because he had to pack for another road trip.
Because he was already feeling fatigued from the fire alarm it didnt take much to top up his headache and make him feel worse. And twice I managed it.

Last time we did this trip he felt well the day of the trip until we had 2 incidents.  He suffered for days because I had to break fast twice and it caused an issue we didn’t understand.
This time we know what to expect,  and why.  We cant stop it, we cant fix it, but we know what IT is.
It is Brain Fatigue.  The same brain fatigue you get with a head injury.
The question is, does it put pressure on his Addisons, or not.
If Derek sufferes a sensory overload this time, we have plans in place.
We are also more knowledgable about the stress long distance travel puts on the body.  Derek is going to bed very early, he is going to stress dose for the day of travel.  He will double his morning and lunch time dose, then see how he is going as to weather he needs more at 4.00 pm.
Check back in a couple of days to see how the trip went.

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