Someone Pulled the Plug on my Energy.

I have the flu. Most of us say that when what we actually have is a bad cold. We still go to work, we still get out of bed and function.
This time I actually have influenza. 
Tuesday a week ago I felt ill, with a bit of a chest cough but able to get to work.
Wednesday I got out of bed for a shower and I couldnt get up off the bed afterwards. I had a really bad cough, felt nausious, had a headache so bad I could hardly open my eyes, and a temp of 38.9.
Thursday i felt worse. I was holding the walls to get to the toilet, and that zapped all my energy.  Derek got me an appointment with the Dr but had to arrange Driving Miss Daisy to get us there ( it is on the street at the end of our street, 5 minutes walk away).
She diagnosed influenza and told me I would be off work for at least another whole week. (12 days minimum)
No, I thought. I will be back within a week of getting sick.
Well I am up to Day 8 of the flu.
Yesterday saw me out of bed for the full day for the first time.  That doesn’t mean actually doing anything, it just means I was able to sit in the lounge all day and, because Derek was at work, heat my lunch in the microwave.
I even made Derek a coffee when he got home.
The amazing thing is the difference between sitting with you feet up on a recliner and being able to relax you head, and sitting on a chair feeling all the energy drain out of you as you sit there for 10 minutes until you realise you cant sit up at the table any more.
It felt like I had a small gap somewhere and as I sat in the dining chair all my energy was draining away.
Derek actually gets how I feel because this is how he feels every day.
How he manages from day to day I dont know because I am finding it hard, even when I know I will get better.
Chronic illness on a good day can be like the last stages of the flu. 
I said yesterday as I sat at the coffee machine making him a coffee (I couldn’t stand) that I felt good sitting in the recliner, and thought I would be fine to do the coffee. Alas, 5 minutes of being out of that reclyner and I felt physically sick as the energy just drained out of me.
He said “yes, that is exactly how I feel. I sit there and have all the energy in the world, but when I get up, its like someone has just grabbed that ball of energy and is unwinding it, like a kitten unwinds a ball of wool. Suddenly there is nothing left, and you havent got more than 1/3 of the way through the job you got up to do.”
I know its hard, but when I feel better, I am going to try and hold on to that feeling of being drained, just so i can have some tiny concept of what a person with Chronic Illness goes through on a day to day basis.
The biggest difference is, I know I will get better. 
Derek wont, he may improve, but the slightest sniffle feels to him like Day 3 of Influenza.
On the up side, Derek had the flu shot and so far (touch wood) he hasn’t got it off me.

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