MedicAlert Saves Lives.


NZ MedicAlert Bracelet

As many of my friends know, Derek has Adrenal Insufficiency. Something as simple as a cold, a stressful day or even witnessing an accident can put him in Adrenal Crisis. If he goes into crisis he can die if there is no one around to speak for him.

Because of that, he wears a medic alert bracelet.

The need for this was hit home last night. In one of the support groups I belong to a member had been feeling “off” for a few weeks, and was taking extra medication.

This member lives alone. He ended up feeling so bad he decided to call an ambulance. This is what he said about that.

new bracelet

Example of Road ID.  Amber is a great advert for doing things right!  Read about her in Clearly Alive

“Yesterday when i shared about my trip to the er i didn’t share the whole story. So here it is. As you know I haven’t been feeling well for quite a while and had been updosing for little over a week. Little did I know i was headed for a crisis. I called 911 and promptly became unconscious afterwards. The ambulance arrived and I was rushed to the hospital. Upon regaining consciousness in the ER I didn’t know where i was. I had two IVs one in each arm. I noticed the call button and pushed it the nurse quickly responded she said “if it wasn’t for your bracelet we wouldn’t have known what was wrong.”.  I will never take off my RoadID (American form of Medic Alert). It should go to show how important carrying ID is important for our condition. If you don’t have an ID get one fast i cannot stress the importance of wearing one more than to say it saved my life.”

Please, if you wear a medic alert bracelet, tell others. If you know someone that wears one, know why. If you find someone that is wearing one, read it. IF they can’t speak for themselves, it may be the only way they survive.

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