Did you Really Just Say That?

In the last couple of weeks I have been compiling a list of comments from Medical Practitioners to Addison’s disease patients.  I have called it “Did you really just say that”.
Unfortunately, although these are specific to Addison’s disease, it is not just Addison’s patients that this happens to.
I am sure many with Chronic Illness have heard similar comments about their conditions.

did you really just say that 

Please feel free to download it and read it.

4 thoughts on “Did you Really Just Say That?

  1. Love the “Did You Really Just Say That?” list.
    Have one to add: When patient told ER doctor they had Primary Addison’s Disease doctor replied: “Ooh – I’m going to have to google or wikipedia that one”
    This happened in NZ in 2014 when AD patient was taken to ER by ambulance in crisis – (eventually diagnosed with appendicitis).

  2. A new Endo told me I couldn’t possibly have Adrenal Insuffiencey because my potassium was too low, I never went back to him. In the ER the young doctor told me that the only reason for such a low potassium level was alcoholism. He advised me to go home, sober up and stop drinking. I found a good doctor eventually/

    • As you can see from this document, you are not alone. Some of them are really scary. Save up any you hear this year, and let me know to add for the Best of 2016.

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