What is YOUR Lifesaver

When someone with a peanut allergy, or any other allergy that can cause a severe allergic reaction they suffer an Anaphylaxis, which needs to be treated right urgently. If you have an anaphylactic reaction, you need an epinephrine (adrenaline) shot as soon as possible, and someone should call 911 for emergency medical help. Left untreated, it can be deadly.

If you are a Surfer, as long as you are sensible enough to be surfing at a patrolled beach and you get into trouble someone will realise it,  it will probably be a Surf Life Saver and they will come to your rescue.

Diabetics may experience a life-threatening emergency from too much or too little insulin in their bodies.  Too much insulin can cause a low sugar level (Hypoglycemia), which can lead to insulin shock.

Although not on the market yet, there is a Glycagon pen in stage 3 trials (soon to go to Clinical Trial.

This G-Pen will make all the difference to someone who suffers hypoglycemia.

This is not a pipe dream, but an almost reality.

According to the developer “Our current focus is on the development of a highly stable, ready-to-inject glucagon solution as an alternative to the existing glucagon emergency kits.”

IN 2013 a Charitable Trust gave this company a nearly $1 million grant to develop its liquid glucagon, which followed a $1.14 million grant from the National Institutes of Health.

the money for development is out there.  But not, it appears, currently for an Orphan disease.

When you have Adrenal Insufficiency, you don’t have any of these options that we can find, either already existing, or in the near pipeline.

Current "Emergency Kit"The options you have, depending on how good your Dr is, are:

  1. Get hold of an ambulance, hope they know what to do, that they carry solu-cortef and then get you to hospital.
  2. Get taken to hospital by a family member and hope the hospital know what to do, so they can inject you with solu-cortef. (Many hospital’s don’t, and won’t listen to the patient or advocate.)
  3. Have an “emergency kit” at home, and have someone available that knows how to deal with all the paraphernalia and are able to inject you.
  4. Do you have it handy?  It takes a large container to carry your kit, it won’t just fit in a purse like an auto injector will.

There is NO option for an instant injectable device for Addisonians.    There are 3 reasons for this.

  1. It is not profitable for companies to make it.
  2. Addison’s is an Orphan Disease (fewer than 200,000 in US).
  3. The drug used is not an Orphan Drug (it can be used for other diseases as well).

What exists is a Solu-Cortef Actovile.  This is a small bottle which has the liquid and the powder that is required to create the emergency medication.  When mixed, it is only usable for approx 48-72 hours.

There is available, a dual cartridge syringe, which holds liquid in one cylinder, and power in the other, and you mix the two together with swift actions.

Not only does this technology exist, but it exists WITHIN THE SAME COMPANY that makes the Solu-Cortef.

The Fix Exists.

Pfizer Make Solu-Cortef.  Pfizer also make Caverject.  Caverject now comes in a syringe that you mix as you need it (previously it came the same way as Solu-Cortef.

Now it comes in a dial up system. Twist the top and it mixes the powder and solution,  Twist again to dial up your dose, then inject.  Easy even if you are shaking and about to collapse.  No focus needed.  you can’t overdose, you just dial to max and go.

Currently you have to open the bottle, push the stopper down to mix the powder and solution, take a needle, attach it to the syringe, inject the needle into rubber stopper of the syringe, draw up the fluid, remove the syringe from the glass bottle, and now two choices.  Either change to a new sharp needle, or use the now blunt needle (which may also be longer than you need) and inject that into the nearest large muscle group you can reach (normally the thigh).  It takes longer to do, than it does to read this paragraph.  And all the time, you are becoming more and more sick, loosing focus, loosing your eyesight, or you have someone else there that is now in a panic as their loved one sinks further into crisis, risking death.

The ONLY reason Pfizer don’t to the solu-cortef the same way is they don’t see a profit in saving the life of an Addisonian, because there are less than 200,000 sufferers from both Primary AND Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency in the US.


Will Your Life Saver Save YOUR Life?

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