– A Pheonix Rising

If you live in New Zealand and you are looking for information on Adrenal Insufficiency specific to New Zealand you may have been given the address  This website no longer exists.  The organisation went into recession in 2011/2012 and does not appear to function for anyone except older members of the group.

I offered to take over/assist with the maintenance of the website, but was told NO.  I offered to come on to the committee to keep Addison’ going.  I was told NO.

Those running it appeared not to trust anyone outside their group.  This has left a gaping hole in information for New Zealanders.

I am trying to fill the void.  If you have a sound knowledge of Adrenal Insufficiency and want to help, please visit Adrenal Insufficiency NZ .

This site is not run by medical professionals, however, we have done extensive research, and have endeavoured to ensure that all the information on the site is correct, and up to date.  Where you feel the information is not correct, please contact us via the site, with a reference to what you believe the correct information to be.  We can discuss it.

3 thoughts on “ – A Pheonix Rising

  1. Great article. I have been tested for Addison’s, had the ACTH Stimulation, among others! I don’t have all the expected signs of Addison’s, but many of the symptoms, low cortisol, Tachycardia, nausea, sweating, near delirium, weight loss. Profound weakness, vertigo, and so on. The Endo nearly kinked me with the Insulin Tolerance test. Within 10 minutes my blood glucose was so low I was nearing unconsciousness, and needed two Emergency injections of glucose IV. When I “came to” I asked the Endo and the panicked male nurse what was wrong, because everybody had this look of horror on their faces when they seen how low my blood sugar was. The Endo replied, “we don’t see blood glucose levels drop this fast, and this low” ! I asked why, and she said “I don’t know why” , and never investigated it any further! To make a long story short, I am steroid dependant and had two mild Crisis’s last year! The first time I was forced to wait one entire hour for my IV injection and saline. But I had taken an emergency injection prior to going to the hospital. The second crisis week later in the same hospital I was forced tro wait three hours for my injection while the doctors and nurses screwed around with phone calls to the Endo! And one fat nurse said to me on the first visit, “if you think you need more urgent care, call an ambulance” ! This was in response to my insisting she get an IV line ready! The doctors and nurses read my steroid card, and the letter from the Endo on how I was to be treated upon arrival at any hospital, and it was a letter of instruction, and to give her written permission to treat me with IV hydrocortisone! They ignored it and just pisses around as if I had a broken fingernail and was making a big deal out of nothing! I have to inject my hydrocortisone as I end up with ulcers from the pills, which is why I ended up in a crisis in the first place, I was unable to absorb the medication! I can’t believe the ignorance and complete lack of concern for such a life threatening condition! It just makes me wonder how any of these “doctors” got their license! I’m sure many of them cheated their way through university like they did high school! There is no other reasonable explanation for the lack of concern when one shows up in the emergency department in a crisis!!!

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