Preparedness is Key

I have a friend who also blogs about her Rare Condition. It’s well worth a read. I was “on line” with Sarah as we all went through these situations. It can be very stressful for someone who is lacking their natural stress hormones. But they are there for those who need help, any time of day or night.

Spoons and Adrenals

Last night, I had to sit back and wait, helpless, while a fellow AI warrior slipped into adrenal crisis.

You see, I help moderate an online support group for people with adrenal insufficiency. Someone reached out to us for help, but we didn’t know where they were, how to reach them. Their online profile was locked down tightly, for security, and there was no way to know if this person survived the night.

**As I’m writing this, a friend of this person reached out to let me know that this person lived through the night… And I’ve burst into tears!**

On another group, a member frantically asked what they needed to do because they were afraid a crisis was imminent. They didn’t have a doctor to reach out to late at night, and didn’t know if their fear was warranted or not. They are new to this diagnosis.

Today, another…

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