And Another Cure Emerges.


Again, the Adrenal Insufficiency Community have been notified of another Cure (actually the same “cure” just by another Quack.

I am not going to post a link to the site, but I have written an open letter to the person that perports to have a cure.  If you read the site, you can tell he has simply gathered other peoples opinions, wrapped it up in pretty fonts, and spat it back out.

My open Letter  Please feel free to share this around.   I will post if he ever replies (which we all know he won’t).

“An open letter to Josh Axe

I am loath to call a quack a Dr even if you managed to pass your thesis. What was it on by the way as it was clearly not on Adrenal Insufficiency.

I have been given, by someone concerned about my husband’s health, a copy of the information you post on your website, regarding Adrenal Insufficiency, and your belief you have the cure.

Having read it, I have serious concerns.

  1. You are not a medical practitioner, but feel you have the right to give dangerously inaccurate medical advice.
  2. You clearly have NO understanding of Adrenal Insufficiency.

Let me help you out.

You state “One type, referred to as Addison’s Disease, is caused by illnesses of the adrenal glands themselves, including adrenal cancer, infections or bleeding (called “primary adrenal insufficiency“).” I have to ask why, in your page, this linked to Secondary, not Primary insufficiency?

The Adrenal Glands are not “Ill”. They have been attacked by an Autoimmune response. This occurs over a period of years in some people. With a healthy diet (such as you suggest) you may be able to prolong the final outcome of death due Adrenal Crisis, but you can not stop the destruction of the gland and the inability of the adrenal glands to produce cortisol. Even experts in the field do not know what causes the autoimmune response that kills the Adrenal Cortex, how do you have the gall to pretend you do.

Once diagnosed, a person normally has less than 90% of BOTH glands not functioning. Without replacement steroids FOR LIFE you will die.

You state: “If you visit a doctor about adrenal insufficiency (including an endocrinologist who specializes in hormonal diseases), she or he might recommend you take medications to help speed up the healing process and reverse cortisol deficiency symptoms. Taking glucocorticoid medications like prednisone or hydrocortisone are the most common treatments, and the dosage of these depends on your level of stress, any present infections, medical history and injuries. The primary reason for taking hormonal replacement medications is to bring your cortisol and other hormone levels up to normal as quickly as possible.”

Whilst on the surface this appears correct, your conclusion is erroneous, and dangerous. Steroids are not given to “begin the healing process”. They are given because without them, you WILL die. They are not a quick, short term, or temporary fix. They are life saving and permanent. The only remotely true parts of your statement are “bring your cortisol” …”levels up to normal”.  It is done as quickly as possible because if they give you 1 mg a day, it would not keep you alive. The minimum dose for an adult with Adrenal Insufficiency either Primary OR Secondary is around 20mg/day (very few survive on less, and get out of bed).

You are correct that the dose varies depending on what stress is in your life, but what you don’t say is that that stress can include an infection, a cold, a broken toe, or a serious fright because you were witness to an accident (you don’t actually have to be in the accident). All of these “stress’s” are going on around you at all times, and you are not able to avoid them. The healthy person will produce more cortisol in their body. Those with genuine AI will not. No amount of healthy eating, meditation, vitamins, will remove these stressors from your body, and if you do not receive adequate steroid cover during these times, you can die. This is called “stress dosing”. Again I will tell you, normal people do this without knowing. You do not make your adrenal glands tired by producing more when you need it. That would be like saying that you will make your heart tired and cause it to stop beating, by working out at the gym or playing sport.  Would you tell an insulin dependant diabetic that they don’t need their insulin because they just need the right nutrition. I hope not.

You promote Licorice as something to take to assist in this miraculous recovery.  You have clearly copied this of someone elses website as they took one very small part of a study and spouted this drivil as well.   Licorice will increase the time that cortisol stays in the body, however, you need cortisol in the body to start, and once you have what you call severe adrenal insufficiency, which you are normally diagnosed while in ICU by real medical professionals (not someone with a Doctorate in Chiropractic) trying to save their lives, there is no option but to take REPLACEMENT steroids. This is not touted as a cure, but you are replacing the steroids you do not produce yourself. THEY ARE ESSENTIAL IF YOU WANT TO LIVE.

I do not have a Medical Degree, I also do not have a piece of paper telling me I know about nutrition. What I do have, is a husband with Severe Adrenal Insufficiency. This means that for the rest of his life, he must take steroids and that no matter what his diet is like (and we have already ensured he eats correctly, he will never be able to stop taking steroids because his adrenal glands will never recover.

What I am sick to death of is people like you, pretending to be Medical Professional’s, and spouting your drivel, for others to constantly ram down our throats, about how he can get off his steroids, all he has to do is change his diet. He would be dead in 3 days without steroids, and after the first 12 hours, he would not be able to eat your lovely food suggestions, or take your vitamins etc, as he would be so unwell, all he would be doing is vomiting, and suffering constant diarrhea everywhere.  I know, because I have seen it when he goes into crisis from something as simple as a common cold.

What you put on your website is dangerous and has the potential to kill people. We have lost enough people in the AI community who are miss treated by medical professionals without people like you jumping in to an area you have NO knowledge about, no authority to lecture about, no qualification in and selling your snake oil cures.

If someone who has studied Endocrine disorders as part of the Medical Degree, does not understand completely, the dysfunction of the HPA Axis, how do you, someone who has no real medical training, feel you have the right to spout your cure that will take “Up to 24 months for severe adrenal insufficiency” on a publicly available website.

Your site is tantamount to attempted murder and placing a disclaimer, in light blue on a dark blue background so you think you have covered your ass legally does not take away your gross negligence.

In conclusion, Adrenal Insufficiency is a genuine, life threatening medical condition. It is not a condition to be taken lightly as you do, it is not a condition to be treated with contempt, as you do, and it is not a condition that you are qualified to comment on. It is so far out of your scope of practice that you are going to be reported to the FDA if your information is not taken down.

P.S. There is a bet on in the Adrenal Insufficiency community that this letter will be ignored by you, as you avoid anyone who points out your incompetence. Feel free to prove us all wrong by acknowledging this email.”

 I doubt very much I will ever receive a response to this.  It will be trashed before it makes it to his personal inbox.